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Recommended Reading List

The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945 [Paperback]

By: George H. Nash  (Author)

The definitive history of the ideas of conservatism.


By: Bruce Frohnen

Yet another one from Liberty Fund, a thick oversize collection of writings from the early Founding.  Seven hundred twenty one pages, it includes such as the Declarations of the Stamp Act Congress, Magna Carta, The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, Jefferson's and Hamilton's opinions on the National Bank.

Sacred Rights of Conscience, The: Selected Readings on Religious Liberty and Church-State Relations in the American Founding [Paperback]

Daniel Dreisbach (Editor), Mark David Hall (Editor)

Another wonderful collection by Liberty Fund, an oversize collection of historical "Readings on Religious Liberty and Church-State Relations". 

The Anti-Federalists: Selected Writings and Speeches (Conservative Leadership Series) [Hardcover]

By: Bruce Frohnen (Author)

The best single-volume collection of essays by the those who opposed the ratification of the Constitution.  These men contributed every bit as much as those who drafted and approved the Constitution, and they warned us of many of the present-day problems that would occur from men using the Constitution to take our liberties.


The Debate on the Constitution

2 volume set

By: Bernard Bailyn (Editor)

 The Debate on the Constitution : Federalist and Antifederalist Speeches, Articles, and Letters During the Struggle over Ratification : Part One, September 1787-February 1788 (Library of America) [Hardcover]

The Federalist Papers

by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay, Clinton Rossiter (Editor), Charles R. Kessler (Introduction)

 To say that The Federalist Papers is a work of great importance is an understatement in many ways. First, it is a classic volume of political theory...indeed it is America's great contribution to political theory. The Federalist Papers stand alongside Leviathan,, Two Treatises, The Social Contract, and The Spirit of the Laws as the great works of the age. Second, it is the first and best defense for constitutionalism, particularly, the American Constitution, which it promoted with unwavering and ferocious ardor. What few people outside the scholastic disciplines of American history, political theory, and American jurisprudence realize is how majestic and remarkable the American Constitution and all that encompasses it really are.

The Founders' Constitution

In Five Volumes
Edited by Philip B. Kurland and Ralph Lerner


Originally published by the University of Chicago Press to commemorate the bicentennial of the United States Constitution, The Founders’ Constitution is arguably the most important of all resources on the principles of the Framers of the American republic. As the editors explain, the work consists of “extracts from the leading works of political theory, history, law, and constitutional argument on which the Framers and their contemporaries drew and which they themselves produced.” In cooperation with University of Chicago Press, Liberty Fund has prepared this new paperback edition of the entire work in five volumes. 

Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 Reported (Paperback)

by James Madison

By all accounts the single-best notes, from the Father of the Constitution, who attended every session of the Convention.  For a fuller perspective of the Founders' intentions, it is indispensable to read what they actually discussed and voted on when drafting the Constitution. 

Novus Ordo Seclorum: The Intellectual Origins of the Constitution [Paperback]

By: Forrest McDonald

Just what sorts of ideas were going on in the Framers' minds when the drafted the federal constitution? This book provides great insight into the ideas, concepts and intellectual history and framework that the Framers were operating upon.
An extremely capable historian and writer, McDonald starts out by noting some important considerations facing the Framers: protecting the life, liberty and property of citizens; their commitment to republican government (although there was disagreement and uncertainty as to what that precisely meant); history (in the sense of convention, legacy and their place in its continuing flow); and political theory.